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Forbidden menu and interesting people.
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Forbidden Taste happens every time in a different location around Prague; not known to the guests up front.
You will receive a text message about the location only on the day of the pop-up.

But you can be 100% sure that it will be a place where dining is not common at all. A gallery? Bridge? Hangar? Shop? Park? Nothing is impossible.

We have dined in the middle of a skatepark, in a design furniture store, former transformation stations or right on a theatre stage. The last pop-up took place on the top floor of a new (and yet empty) skyscraper ArtGen. What a night view…

And how does it all work? Scroll on…



A non-traditional location deserves a non-traditional menu! For our Forbidden Taste pop-ups we always invite great chefs, who are not afraid to experiment. We serve a 6 or 7-course degustation menu and offer a great selection of wines, paired by a sommelier.

Who were our former chefs? For example Stephen Senewiratne – sous-chef in Mandarin Oriental Prague, or Jaroslav Zahalka – a long-time member of highly elite club Le Club Des Chefs Des Chefs, whose members are personal chefs of a head of state. Last Forbidden Taste menu was in the hands of guru in the field of Asian flavours, Shahaf Shabtay, head-chef of  award winning SaSaZu Restaurant. Shahaf and his team prepared Asian menu paired with an interesting selection of wines.

Menu is also kept secret until the very evening so we won’t tell you what is going to be served next. However, photos from previous pop-ups will tell you more.




One of the most important elements of the Forbidden Taste are the people. Maximum of 30 guests can get their reservation for one pop-up. Therefore the reservation itself doesn’t guarantee you the spot. We need to know more about you – why should it be you? Our “Forbidden Tasters” are people from different fields – open and creative people, who love great food and are hungry for new experiences.

You can make your reservation for one or two people. We’re also interested who your guest would be. It should be someone who you like spending time with but you’re not with them as much as you’d like to. You won’t be (too) disturbed during the dinner. But for a true romance, you should choose a traditional restaurant. There will be some interesting talks for sure but no worries – no forced networking.

So what do you think? If you are interested, sign in to the newsletter. That’s the only way how we announce the next pop-up and how we open the reservation.





The historically first Slovakian Forbidden Taste dinner took place in Hangair – a big training hall for extreme sports. Three successful chefs from different parts of the world joined forces to prepare a several-course degustation menu with motion, adrenalin and fun in mind. Petr Heneš, the head chef of Forbidden Taste, Martin Záhumenský, who is also known as one of the Masterchef juries and Lukáš Hesko, who is the proud new owner of the Slovakian “Chef of the Year Award 2017”. Mixologists from Herbert Syrups paired individual meals with the perfect drinks Exquisite musical taste was provided by the Ochepovsky – Yakovlev – Šoltis trio. More? Here!



The whole symphony took place in the industrial area of Pragovka, in a secret hall, which was used in 1907 as a canteen for all the employees of Praga factory.. Forbidden Taste experience was in the hands of  eight young and successful chefs: Jana Bilíková, Přemek Forejt, Lukáš Hesko, Petr Heneš, Ondřej Hutnik, Kamu Rundusová, Stephen Senewiratne and Tomáš Valkovič. The soundtrack to the menu was created by young and successful producer NobodyListen and bartender Tomáš Kubíček looked after the “liquid tones”. More? Here! Photo: Petr Hricko


Forbidden Taste in Forbidden Spot. The most colourful gallery in the world, fusion of Asian and Czech cuisine in the hands of Petr Heneš and Ondřej Hutník, cocktail pairing by Róbert Šajtlava, dessert on the tooth brush… And more! Here. Photo: Katarína Bell



The highest floor (yet empty) ArtGen building in Holešovice, Prague turned into a one night pop-up restaurant as a part of unique concept, that connected art and gastronomy. Degustation menu was created by Shahaf Shabtay. Photo: Petr Hricko. More photos you find here: zde


The main role of the evening was the food and our guests, who dined directly on the “boards that mean the world”. Our Chef was Stephen Senewiratne, originally from Sri Lanka and each of the seven courses was accompanied by an interesting selection of wines. Photo: František Ortmann. More photos you find here: zde


This time we popped in a funky shop with designer furniture – KARE Design in Prague. Our “Forbidden Tasterswas waiting 6 a six-course degustation menu prepared by chef Jaroslav Zahalka, of course paired with a selection of great wines. Photo: Eva Šafránková. More photos you find here: zde


We “jump” to Brussels to introduce our pop-up concept  in Belgium and we were part of the project Brussels in Loft – a series of gastronomic evenings in which the best chefs from several European countries are presented. Czech fuison menu was created by Peter Heneš. More pictures can be found here: zde


This time Forbidden Taste popped in a legendary Mystic Skate Park on the sland Štvanice in Prague. Menu was created by Peter Heneš. Photo: Jakub Fulda Fulín More photos here: zde


The very first Forbidden Taste happend in a former transformation station. “Underground fine dining” is exactly what characterized the evening. Menu was created by young talented chef Petr Heneš. Photo: Petr Hricko. More photos here: zde

ANd what about pop-up in the streets of Prague? This time even guests didn’t know they are guests! Or secret flash mob of the dancers during the dinner? With us – everything is possible!

Check also the photo gallery from private dinners we did, because Forbidden Taste experience can be also tailored-made and we can prepare private dinners or corporate events for you. With  First Class Forbidden Taste.

Soukromý pop up nebo tajný firemní večírek?


On 28/11/2016 we composed the Music of the future.. Eight young chefs who set the trends of gastronomy met under one roof. Unexpected location, surprise menu and interesting people.. Video here & Photos by Petr Hricko here

Forbidden Taste dinner was led by eight young and successful chefs: Jana Bilíková (Ambiente, Prague), Přemek Forejt (Entrée Restaurant, Olomouc), Lukáš Hesko (Fach, Bratislava), Petr Heneš (Forbidden Taste, Prague), Ondřej Hutnik (Mandarin Oriental Prague , Prague), Kamu Rundusová (Kamu’s Mise en Place), Stephen Senewiratne (Red Pif, Prague) and Tomáš Valkovič (Eska, Prague). The music soundtrack to each dish was paired by talented producer NobodyListen, who is currently one of the most known young blood names on the music scene. Well, it wasn’t just about the sound. Each of the chefs added one sense to his future meal. Everything together created a symphony of tastes and experiences. Tomáš Kubíček, one of the leading bartenders, took care of the liquid tones. The whole symphony took place in the Pragovka area, in a secret hall, which in 1907 served as a dining room for all employees of the famous car factory. On November 28th, the sound of glasses and cutlery returned to this place. Big thanks to the teams of all eight invited chefs as well as to the Forbidden Taste team! The whole project is charitable, and all the “performers” played it without any claim for a fee. Dinner profit goes to people for whom quality food is a “forbidden taste” – but you will learn about it.


Music of the Future.. 28/11/2016

Jana Bilíková

Music of the Future.. 28/11/2016

Petr Heneš

Kamu Rundusová

Tomáš Valkovič

Ondřej Hutnik

Přemek Forejt

Stephen Senewiratne

Lukáš Hesko



We called this pop-up dinner “Pop Food Art”. It took place on 19th of February 2015 as a cooperation between Forbidden Taste and the award-winning Asian restaurant SaSaZu and hte chef  Shahaf Shabtay.

Top floor of a new (and yet empty) building ArtGen in Prague was transformed into a pop-up restaurant with lots of unexpected experiences just for one night. Guests had no idea about the menu nor location of the dinner until the very last moment.  During the whole evening, they were important part of the program. They could be throwing paint on a painting by artist Jan Miko, be part of the speed-drawing by Věra Vybíralová, or even get a tattoo. Each of the seven courses was presented differently. Before the main course, for example, diners were given binoculars to read the menu from the rooftop of the opposite building. Name of the dessert was typed on a typewriter with short verses by Slovak poet Simpe Ondrus. “The highlight was when one of the guests at our table stood up during dinner and started singing really loudly. His concert followed but until then no one knew that a singer eats a dinner with us,” said one of the Pop Food Art guests. Live music was performed by VR/Nobody as well as JägerVibes orchestra together with a DJ.

Check the video from this amazing night and photos on our Forbidden Taste Facebook page.



And why Forbidden Taste pop-up in Prague?

We love great food and unexpected taste. We tested and tasted a lot of recommended restaurants and we realised that RESTAURANTS ARE BORING! They offer amazing food but that’s where the story ends. We want more.

That’s why we put together a team of our friend and talented people (not only) from gastronomy. And that’s the reason why we decided to open our own pop-up dining experience. Extraordinary food in unexpected locations together with interesting people. Because great gastronomy and unconventional experiences attract people with very similar mindsets.




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